Did you know that Keratin is the main protein present in the hair structure? And that hair that has been mistreated by chemical processes, pollution, brush and straighteners can have its amount of Keratin reduced by half, resulting in opaque, brittle and lifeless strands? That’s why the Novex Brazilian Keratin line is ideal for rebuilding hair that has been parched or damaged by chemical processes. Because it is hydrolyzed, Brazilian Keratin provides a quick absorption, guaranteeing healthy, resistant hair with unmistakable beauty!

What are the benefits of Brazilian Keratin for the Hair?
– Strengthens the cohesion of the cuticle scales of hair strands;
– Restores the protein mass lost by chemical treatments and transformative processes;
– It is a photoprotective agent, restructuring and repairing the damages caused by UV rays;
– Provides hydration and helps improve the healthy appearance of hair;
– Keeps the strands aligned, smoother and brighter;
– Provides strength, resistance and restores the natural flexibility of the strands.