Tired of searching in the internet for recipes to make your hair grow? Look no further! The Novex Boost line does this by itself: it offers Vitamin A for hair to grow faster; Whey Protein to boost strand strength; and D-Panthenol to provide an explosion of brightness and softness, while avoiding split ends.

How does the Novex Boost line makes your hair grow?
– Contains Vitamin A to stimulate the growth of the hair strands and strengthen the root;
– Contains D-Panthenol, which offers prolonged softness and deep hydration;
– Contains Whey Protein to boost hair strand strength;
– Contains Capilmax, which helps revitalize hair fiber and strengthen hair structure.

  • Novex Shampoo Pra Bombar 200ml

    Novex Boost Shampoo 200ml

    6,89 IVA incluído
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  • Solução Novex Pra Bombar 60ml
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  • Novex Condicionador Pra Bombar 200ml

    Novex Boost Conditioner 200ml

    6,89 IVA incluído
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  • Novex Pra Bombar Máscara de Hidratação 1kg

    Novex Boost Deep Hair Mask 1kg

    13,49 IVA incluído
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