Did you know that the Argan Oil is extracted directly from the Moroccan Argania Spinosa tree, a tree that only exists in the Moroccan desert, and it takes 100 kg of seeds to get only 1 liter of this product? That is why Argan Oil is also known as the “Moroccan Gold”. And that’s also why the Novex Argan Oil line is extremely moisturizing, strengthens the hair fiber and restores the shine and smoothness of the hair.

What Are The Benefits Of Argan Oil For the Hair?
– Helps repair cell membrane damage;
– Increases the strength of the hair fiber;
– Restores essential lipids and optimizes brightness, hydration and malleability;
– Promotes restoration and nourishment of the strands to prevent frizz;
– Rich in essential fatty acids, fights against free radicals;
– Leaves your hair soft, smooth and shiny, as if you just left the hairdresser!